Brief summary of  Events–April 1483 to September, 1485

      • Early April, 1483(?)–Edward IV named Richard Gloucester Protector Tower of Londonshould he die
      • April 9, 1483–Edward IV died (Woodvilles decide to keep it from Richard) and Edward V summoned from Ludlow.
      • Late April, 1483–Hastings sent a message to Richard to apprise him of his brother’s death, that he’s protector, and that he’d better make haste and meet up with Rivers who’d be coming to London with Edward to crown him. Hastings advises Richard bring a small token army.
      • April 20, 1483 (?)–Richard set out to York with 300 men.
      • April 21, 1483–Richard declared protector. he took loyalty oath to Edward V.
      • April 24, 1483–Rivers left Ludlow with Edward and headed for Northampton.
      • April 26, 1483–Richard received word from Buckingham and requested that ‘Bucky’ should meet him in Northampton. Richard also received word from Hastings that the Woodvilles intended to ignore Edward IV’s will and intended to crown Edward V on May 4th.
      • April 29 to May 1, 1483–Richard met up with Buckingham in Northampton and learned that Rivers has taken Edward to Stony Stratford. Richard and Buckingham high-tail it to Stony Stratford and essentially catch Rivers with his pants down. Rivers returned to Northampton where he was arrested along with Richard Grey, and Thomas Vaughn. Edward’s servants and soldiers are dismissed and sent home. Queen Elizabeth received a message late that night about the turn of events. She went into sanctuary with her other children.
      • May 2, 1483–from Northampton, Richard made a request of the White TowerArchbishop of Canterbury to place the prince in protector ship in the royal apartments at the Tower (for when they arrive May 4).
      • Rivers is sent to Sheriff Hutton, Grey to Middleham, and Vaughan to Pontefract.
      • May 4, 1483–Richard departed St. Albans with Edward and arrived at Westminster.
      • May 9, 1483–Richard sent Brampton to attack the Woodville fleet. Anthony Woodville had absconded with a sizable chunk of the treasury. Brampton defeated Woodville, Richard pardoned all the lower ranked sailors, but Woodville escaped with two ships and the treasury.
      • May-June–Richard protector
      • June 8, 1483–Stillington dropped his bastard bomb.
      • Richard had Buckingham do a media blitz to sway the public to accept the bastardization of the princes.
      • June 25-26, 1483–Stillington went before the Bishops, Lords, and commoners and showed Edward IV had precontracted with Eleanor Butler and declared Edward’s children by Elizabeth Woodville illegitimate.
      • June 26, Richard declared King of England.
      • July 6, 1483–Richard III crowned. He left for his progress through England
      • October, 1483–Buckingham’s Rebellion, Buckingham Executed
      • January, 1484–Richard’s first and only Parlaiment met where they ratified:
      • —Blind Justice
      • —Presumption of Innocence
      • —Reformed Jury System
      • —Clear Property Title
      • March, 1484–Elizabeth Woodville left sanctuary, agreed to place her daughters in Richard’s care.
      • April, 1484–Richard’s son, Edward, Prince of Wales died suddenly
      • March 16, 1485–Queen Anne dead after long illness (tuberculosis). Day marked by a solar eclipse. Viewed as bad omen for Richard.
      • August 22, 1485–Richard III defeated and killed at the Battle of Bosworth

Bosworth Field


      • August 25, 1485–William Catesby executed for treason
      • February, 1495–William Stanley executed for treason for aiding Warbeck
      • November 23, 1499–Perkin Warbeck executed for treason for claiming to be Prince Richard, the rightful heir to the crown
      • November 23, 1499–John of Gloucester, Richard III’s illigitimate son was probably executed at the same time as Warbeck
      • November 28, 1499–Edward, Earl of Warwick (son of George, Duke of Clarence) executed for aiding Warbeck and for attempting to escape from the Tower