1. In 1984, the BBC staged a historic trial. The presiding judge was Lord Elwyn-Jones and the barristers were recruited from the Queen’s Counsel, but had to remain anonymous. The jury was comprised of  ordinary citizens. The burden of proof was left to the prosecution. The jury found in favor of the defendant, Richard III. The Trial of Richard III by Richard Drewett and Mark Redhead, published by Alan Sutton in 1984 is currently out of print, but copies may be found through AddAll Used and Out of Print Books.

2. In Ocotober 1996, The Supreme Court of the State of Historia tried Richard III for the Murder of the Princes Edward and Richard. Chief Justice Rehnquist presided at the Moot Court when he visited the Indiana University School of Law in Bloomington. The three judge panel ruled Richard III not guilty in a split decision. Joining Judge Rehnquist in the not guilty verdict was moot court judge, law school professor, Susan Hoffman Williams. The third judge, Indiana state Chief Justice Randall Shepard, dissented with a guilty verdict.

3. On June 4 1997, three justices of the Supreme Court of the US–Rehnquist, Breyer, and Ginsberg tried and found Richard III not guilty again.